Thursday, December 24, 2009

Summer 2010: Summer Camp and other Things

Arrive.jpg The annual summer camp trip for had most of the teen partaking in it this year.

Relaxing.jpg Miles Connor thought this year was going to be a breeze. All the teens got along or the problems from the previous year had been dealt with.

axe.jpg Those that had been the year before where showing the others how to throw the axes.

food.jpg And the food, they all had to try the flap jacks... Anthony had been looking forward to this all year.

Fight.jpg The peaceful trip that Miles had envisioned evaporated one night when out of the blue Penny attacked her best friend Gabriella. Everyone was surprised, no one more so than Gabriella.

What's wrong.jpg After letting them sleep on it Miles went to talk to Penny in the morning to see if he could figure out what was going on.

Talk about it.jpg It took most of the day but Miles finally got Gabriella and Penny to talk. That's when the whole story came out.

what happened.JPG At the beginning of the trip Penny and Stewart had a brief moment of flirting. Penny was on cloud nine. Later on she saw Gabriella talking with Stewart, they had their heads very close together, really they had only been gossipping. Seeing this had made Penny extremely jealous and that was when she attacked Gabriella.

Fishing.jpg Once that had been cleared up things went back to normal and the rest of the trip was peaceful, the teens spent their time fishing, talking around the camp fire and throwing axes.


Sales.JPGDiana, like the year before had decided that she was going to work over the summer. She wants to have a career in the fashion industry so working at the boutique she thought would give her an advantage. She had gotten very good at sales and being able to figure out what would suit people and flatter their figure.

Busy.jpg It was often a long line at the cash but Diana was always able to handle it with a smile on her face. She loved her job.


checking in.jpg Brandon had told his parent that he was going off to camp, instead he and Loren booked into a hotel in Downtown Chantilly. They couldn't wait till the fall to spend time together.

View.jpg Their room had a fantastic view of the new cleaned up residential area of downtown Chantilly. Brandon thought it would be a great place to live after University.

Lounge.jpg They didn't really do much, they lounged in their room.

Dinner.jpg Went down to the restaurant for meals.

Hot tub.jpg And spend late nights soaking in the hot tub. They loved every minute of their mini vacation.

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