Thursday, May 28, 2015

January 2016: Miriam and Justin

Miriam Nova and Justin Flylar are 24

I don’t get to see Jacob as much as I should, he lives just down the street and can walk over anytime. We’ve started trying to have dinner every week.

Tamara doesn’t always join us.  I know something is up as Jacob seems more relaxed when she isn’t around.  I guess he’ll tell me when he’s ready.

About once a month we’ve been trying to get the college gang together for an evening out.  We don’t tend to go anywhere fancy, it’s often just out to a diner downtown.

It’s always great to catch up even though we are all in very different places in our lives.  Edward, Claire, Ivy and Daniel with young kids.  Bailey, Juan, Miriam and I happy being child free.

With being a starter on the Chantilly Football team I’m being recognized a lot more at the gym.  I usually don’t mind it but occasionally there is someone that will just follow me around.  It can get a little creepy.

I'm now making a lot more money so Miriam and I decided to buy a vacation home instead of a house in Chantilly.  My parents recently bought a large cabin in Three Lakes so we decided to buy a small cabin there too.

It needs some work but for now it’s a nice place we can go to get away from the city even if it is only for a few days.


maisie said...

Nice that the college group to get together, it's perfect that they are all in different stages of life. Nice that Justin is doing well on the football team, and the recognition is great, as is the new vacation home.

ciyrose said...

Looks like things are really going well for these guys. It's good to try and get the college group all together like that.